How Tee Up Works

TEE UP is a unique golf ball dispenser system, where golf balls are automatically teed-up for the next drive with a foot pump.

The patrons of the driving range enjoy the ease of not having to bend continually to place balls on the tee, and the fact that they also have the advantage over all other devices that they are able to adjust there preferred TEE height. Patrons tend to hit faster thus increasing the turnover of balls.

It is very easy to replace the tee, with a simple key supplied with unit and without removing the machine. You simply place the key in the tee hole, turn 3 times, remove old tee, replace with the new tee and tighten with the key.

Simple maintenance - wash with water once a week. Yearly the machine should be lifted out of ground checked and cleaned.

The way it works: you enter the driving range, purchase a bucket of balls, walk out to a vacant bay on the driving range, pour the balls into the hopper on top of the ball bank / bay divider, step onto the mat with the club of your choice, place your foot on a small pedal situated in the center of the mat, remove your foot, and up comes the golf ball on a rubber tee through another hole in the mat ready to be struck. At this point you may choose to adjust the height of the ball, by moving a small lever near the ball bank / bay divider; the ball will rise or fall to the height you require.

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We have installed 5 of the auto tee up machines in our driving range of 14 bays. The system appeals to all level of golfers but is particularly appealing to those with a back injury or some of our older customers. By eliminating the bending to place each ball on the tee, it enables those who would generally only be able to hit 50 balls to go for a larger buckets of 110. It definitely increases the turnover of balls. The height adjustment facility caters for different size club heads and personal preference. We have customers who will wait for a machine to become free if all are in use as opposed to using the standard mats.
The machines are easy to maintain and with the replacement of the rubber tees being a 1 minute job they are pretty much hassle free. We liked the fact that there were no electronics involved and not power reliant.
We have found Tee up Pty Ltd an easy company to work with and have no trouble with shipping in regards to spare tees etc. We would highly recommend these machines for any driving range.

Greg & Michele Garnett
The Range Warkworth Ltd

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